Ear-Bleeding Barndance – Oct. Shows Archive

What up kiddos. Here’s an autumnal batch of shows from my ears to yours. Take a listen, if you wish…

10/12 – BREEZY, BABY!

Sometimes I like to build a show by choosing one focal song and playing stuff that I think sounds good around it. This week, it was “The Breeze / My Baby Cries” by Bill Callahan. Beautiful, subtle, intricate song. Everything else is pretty chill — but not too chill — which was good for me because I suffered through an Instant Pot disaster right before the show and my nerves were a little fried. I play Bruce Springsteen’s Daddy Issues Suite, George Harrison & George Harrison covers, and some of my summer-turns-to-fall faves. Yo La Tengo, Magnetic Fields, Big Star, Van Morrison, etc…

10/26 – SHOW W/ FA MOE PT. II

Joy of joys! Esteemed & beloved special guest Fa Moe returns! We take calls, play some spooky songs, give advice, and ask a very important twofold question: have you ever been tricked and/or have you ever tricked someone? Fa is revealed to be a cat whisperer. I am baffled by the concept of a forum (and also forget to record the first 10 minutes, sorry Fiona 🙁 ). This was for sure one of my all-time faves.


Technically November but it’s the week of Halloween so counts as October in my mind. On this day I did not realize it was Wednesday until lunchtime. What resulted is the most uncohesive, whiplashy show I have ever done. I’ll be honest, my expectations were low but it turned out to be a super fun show. Shoutout to Max and Luna for dancing along to “End of the Line” as Max’s show was finishing up and putting me in a great mood for my set. There’s a lot going on in this one: some pissed-off hardcore shit (Fried E/M, Gas Rag, Electric Chair), 3 versions of “Here Comes My Baby,” 2 krautrockers, and 1 about a movie star who is eaten by her pet dachshund. Something for somebody!

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