The Story of The Empress

Hey y’all I’m back with tarot Tuesday!

This week we had some interesting pulls for the collective. A lot of swords. A lot of fighting and conflict…

Two of Swords…

Are you feeling stuck? Are you avoiding something? You struggle to decide where your stance is.

You are going to have to make some tough decisions. With another mercury retrograde coming up AND a full harvest moon in Pisces…

You must use BOTH your head and heart to weigh options.

Queen of Swords

Not only do you have a difficult decision to make, but you are dealing with a lot of sadness. The Queen of Swords does a good job at hiding the fact that she’s really going through something. She’s been hurt, but she’s quite intelligent and mature. She knows how to deal. You have mental clarity on your side.

Knight of swords

The queen wants to send her knight of swords off to be successful in her battles. The knight is ambitious. You probably have a lot of goals you want to achieve right now…and nothing will stop you from accomplishing your goals.

7 of Swords reversed

EXCEPT yourself. For some reason you have imposter syndrome. You may attempt to fool yourself that everything is okay when it is not. Now is the time to get real with where you are and confront your situation head-on.

But why are you being so secretive right now? There is something you are still avoiding. This reading is about the 2 of swords and feeling stuck. It’s okay to not be okay. Being hurt doesn’t have to be a secret.

8 of cups

You are hella disapointed from some situation or people. You feel abandoned. But remember that things are always changing and that it’s only you who’s being hard on yourself.

At this point, you are just aimless Lessly drifting. You been moving on yes, but you are still letting yourself be stuck. This card has an eclipse in the background. The big changes have already happened, and it’s up to you to pick the cups back up and finish the things you’ve started.

King of pentacles reversed

I sense this being the source of some of your problems. Some sort of broke ass energy in your life has you feeling depleted and even a little stubborn. You may be a little reckless with your money right now to be honest. OR someone is influencing these negative patterns and ideas. AND honestly you are maybe too invested in your wealth and status. Regardless of if it is you or the people around you, it’s time for you to drop that attitude. FULL MOON IN PISCES WILL BE A GREAT TIME FOR YOU TO LET THAT GO! Especially before we enter mercury retrograde where communication will feel more blocked.

5 of rods

5 of rods suggests more conflict. But this whole reading has been about conflict. You will still always run in to conflict. Fighting people, defending yourself, being competitive isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Just pay attention to when you start to fight yourself…


We circle back to the empress! The beginning of the reading indicates the Queen of Swords directing our decision making. The Queen of Swords is an Empress.

The Empress is a mature, wise divine feminine. there is a need for you to embody her. The empress wants to guide you out of these battles you are fighting with yourself, the unnecessary secrets you are keeping from people. Empress knows abundance. She doesn’t care about wealth and status like the king of pentacles does. Empress knows beauty and feminity. Pay attention more to these things as you go about your day.

It’s time to drop the blindfold and the swords. You don’t need to battle anyone because you have the EMPRESS. Let her nurturing energy guide you.

SHOUTOUT to all the homies that came last night. Everyone pulled a card and we strung together a beautiful collective reading. The homies queued up some music too that resonated with them during the pulls.

What is Tarot Tuesday at WMCN?

This year, Tarot Tuesday is a collaborative event. I am holding space to teach people tarot and tell a collective reading through everyone’s card pulls. Each week, every guest will pull a card and we will string together a collective reading. The name of the game is we pull cards, talk about them, and play music that reflects the card. The music may resonate more with sound or with the lyrics. However, the tarot cards may be interpreted, it will reflect in the songs WE curate together.

Anyone is invited to be a guest on Tarot Tuesday, me, Sara will be hosting whoever wants to be a part of that space that specific week. I am open to facilitating various conversations and topics. Tarot Tuesday is flexible and ever-changing.

What is a collective reading?

A collective reading is a reading I, or whoever else is interpreting, that is predicted for the collective. A collective reading included the various energies and circumstances that may be circulating in your life right now. You may resonate with one card more than others in this reading, but the collective reading offers you advice and connections to solutions and prompts to think about. Share these prompts with your friends. Share Tarot Tuesday with your friends. It could spark up some really meaningful dialogue for yourself, your friends, your community. Anyone can talk about tarot! We should all be talking about tarot.

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