Once with DJ sol austral and gustavo

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Timezone: CST [UTC-6]
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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About the Show

Once is a show brought to you by two chilean friends in the mood of inmmaculate vibes. As a space to appreciate Spanish-speaking music, culture and life, we too want to share our unique perspectives on campus issues. Maybe indulge a little about some pop-culture chisme. But for the most part, this program will contain good tunes from all around the word, some podcast moments, both is spanish and english, to set the vibe for the once (tea time/hour).💋

1 thought on “Once with DJ sol austral and gustavo

  1. I am not raving, nor am I pregaming, but I am taking apart and customizing my gamecube controller while using this radio station to inspire each and every twist of my screwdriver. Keep up the jams

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