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The name of my post “Moon When the Streams Are Again Navigable” is the Dakota name for the first Full Moon of Spring. I am resonating with this name the most because the land I grew up on is of the Dakota people. I also think the imagery can tell us a lot about beauty and nature. I also think it allows us to admire the beauty of spring, so that we are able to SEE streams and paths once again, in its many forms. The earth is melting, breathing, and crying, and it’s quite magical. If you have time to sit outside and just watch the snow melt, I recommend it!
This moon is also known as the
Pink Moon

The Paschal Moon

Breaking Ice Moon (Algonquin)

Budding Moon of the Plants and Shrubs (Tlingit)

Moon of the Red Grass Appearing (Oglala)

Moon When the Ducks Come Back (Lakota)

Moon When the Geese Lay Eggs (Dakota)

Frog Moon (Cree)

Sucker Moon (Anishinaabe) According to this legend, now is the time when this fish comes back from the spirit world to purify bodies of water and the creatures living in them.

What does it mean to navigate the streams when they have melted? What wisdom and knowledge has the winter taught us as we unthaw? How do you unthaw and transform your energy?
The pacing of this spring is all over the place. the process of thawing is lengthy. It’s snows. It melts away. It rains. Then if hails. And it melts again. It’s like a fight for the spring. I’m trying to admire the process of it all. Accepting that we’re still coming out of a long cold winter and that it takes A LOT OF ENERGY to melt the entire winter away. There’s still a lot of precipitation and emotion in the air…
What does it mean to me for the streams to be navigable again? Well we can’t navigate them quite yet. There are new streams forming as the snow melts and reforms. New ways of navigating. There’s a lot to learn just through observing the weather. The streams and flows of water we see are giving us the potential to see paths that we might have not seen before, preparing us for navigation.
We’re navigating a lot right now. Slowing down to admire the change will serve you best, and later when I talk about the hermit, we will see that spending that time alone to do so is very important for working through our karmic cycles…


Last night, I went to the Coco & Clair Clair concert at Amsterdam Bar in St. Paul with my best friend Zoe. It was a great experience. The openers were Raven ‘Artson” Aartsen, and Grandma. For reference, I had never heard these openers, so i’m giving my initial thoughts.
ARTSON was a great performer, their fashion, particularly the haircut stood out to me. And a really sexy voice. Check out their instagram too @Artson also came back on to DJ for the Coco & Clair Clair set.
I really liked the song Rash of Independence. My favorite line was “I’m freaky cuz a I need a real connection.” FELT THAT AS A YOUNG SINGLE PERSON IN A CITY FULL OF MANY SOULS TRYING TO FIND LOVE.
Grandma’s performance particularly stood out to me. I think I was particularly drawn to their aesthetics of angelhood. It was giving emo boyband-ish vibes with a little indie. (Maybe my mind was on 5SOS because we were listening to a lot of them when we were getting ready lol). A lot of lyrics and lighting/words that played around with references to Angels, God, Jesus, the Bible, etc. The Religious Thot in me was really seeing the creativity and spirituality of their production.
Coco & Clair Clair. The manifestation of a magical friendship. And that’s why I was there, to attend a concert with the Coco to my Clair Clair. We looked good and we were feeling good. So many sexy outfits from the crowd too. It was really good VIBES.
Through their dynamic pairing, their energy reclaims what it means to be sexy. They don’t just elevate themselves, but it’s about the whole crew, the whole crowd being elevated to a new level of sexiness. And to me, getting to see an all-female ensemble of women who don’t give a fuck about the male gaze in music, was dope. What’s inspirational is that they march to the beat of their own drum. We don’t let women do that enough STILL! Something I’ve been exploring in my music taste lately is the male vs female gaze. Who is telling the story and why are they telling this story? It’s important we get a variety of flavor in our consumption of music.
I think I was initially drawn to this pair because the lyrics are exaggerated, glossy, poppy, and a little silly. THEY ARE JUST TRYING TO HAVE FUN. And the perfect kind of music to dance to, OMG. The crowd probably did a 7/10 job on the dancing though. There was this annoying tall straight couple in front of us who were just taking up space and NOT dancing. Didn’t kill our vibe tho.
Favorite performances were: The Hills, Wishy Washy (shoutout to MN), Be With you, and POPSTAR <3. They actually said they weren’t originally going to perform The Hills, and it was my favorite performance so I was happy.
After the show, we navigated ourselves over to the merch table. I was obviously going to buy an ANGELHOOD top (1111). Grandma was standing right next to their merch, looking like they wanted to chat up the show-goers. This was Zoe’s opportunity to tell the lead singer they looked like Winona Ryder. They look it pretty well actually, I guess his mom had told him that when he was younger. She was spot on with that reference. And who wouldn’t want to be told they look like Winona? She’s hot.
“Do you guys wanna pull a tarot card from our purse? Hehe” – us
“Yes let’s trade cards” – Rex (the drummer)
We got his business card in exchange. Rex accepts postcards via and is also advertising his app, SILENCE: Be Alone Together.
Grandma, the ensemble of 3 all picked a card. And Merch guy too. I’m reading this from left to right based on who was in front of us.
The Devil. Merch guy pulled the Devil, it was honestly giving dedication and submission to angelhood. The dude manning the table of angelhood so that the crew can get more FANS. Angelhood is telling us that we’re all attached to our things. They point out nicotine and tobacco specifically. And they don’t glamorize it but they remind us that’s okay. We’re all looking for angels to look over us because we’re still healing. These attachments are manifestations of the devil, but it’s not so bad. After all, we found each other??? I have a lot of takes on the devil card but I think it was a positive manifestation in this reading. The devil is an indication of deliverance, liberation, letting go of the demons that haunt us. And music/lyrics/art, is the best way we can represent that.
The Wheel of Fortune. Lucky Rex got the reminder of fortune. The wheel is always turning and giving us a new experience or obstacle we have to spiritually overcome. Karmic cycles are being worked throughhh! Rex is really lucky to be apart of this ensemble and the ensemble is lucky to have him. Good karma is to come especially when we’ve worked through difficulties and tension with the devil. It’s a full moon so … what is no longer serving you? And what do you need to let go of?
4 of Swords. This is what Grandma pulled (Winona Ryder). Not gonna lie didn’t catch his name of the star. This card speaks to deep contemplation and physical rest. I can tell this performer lives for the energy, but I think this card is a reminder that rest and meditation is important throughout this journey.
The Hermit. This was pulled by the guitarist, @bodiesb0dies. It was actually her first performance on tour. Kaylee was coming out of her Hermit period… This was all about her tonight actually. I sense she is a deeply contemplative person, who thrives on that alone time. We all thrive on that alone time to be honest. I am so proud of her for coming out, last night was a breakthrough!
We’re all trying to work through and adapt to major changes in our life and the hermit is reminding us that we can always return to our selves. Our own solitude can teach us the most. And when it’s time to break out of that hermit shell, we will be ready to take the spotlight.

In reflection, the collective reading was giving shadow work, over indulgence, a little burnout, but good karmic cycles that are being worked through. With the right rest and alone time, we will all be on our way to the next obstacle, conquering it with more FIRE. After all it’s Aries season!
When we get involved in these attachments, it’s like it’s apart of our shadow selves. “I need to indulge in this right now because I need to see how it makes me feel, how it reflects my own human nature” that’s a valid thing to be honest. There’s a lot of hurt and suffering humanity is working through, and we’re constantly dancing with the devil. How do we grab the devil by it’s horns and empower and liberate ourselves? Well, I believe liberation isn’t pleasant and the journey wouldn’t be half as fun if we didn’t get in to a little trouble, a little fun at times.
And that 4 of swords is an indication we need more rest, more meditation, more time and space so that we can think for ourselves. I challenge you to think about what brings you back in to your state of consciousness and reminds you how to get back to your little hermit journey.

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