Tarot Tuesday: 2/22, PISCES NEW MOON, Rebirths, and SPACES

Hello Hello WMCN community! It’s me, Sara, Smile, Rel1g1ous Th0t, e1evene1eventarot, Sara Gregor. The guy.

Mark your calendars for the peak of this moon cycle, the FULL MOON IN VIRGO on 3/7. I will be organizing an epic art fair and Tarot Tuesday (most likely in the chapel). Please email me directly if you would like to be a part of this. It would be super cool if we could get some live music too.

Secondly, check out the SPACES initiative. It’s a BIPOC centered creative project that is being reborn in 2023 at Macalester.

Today is 2.22, a day where we have the chance to thank universe for the relationships we have. Everything is alligned and you are on the right path. Your angels are looking out for you.

I’m here to report back on the Pisces New Moon and some cards that came up on tarot tuesday last night (2/21). I was joined by my fellow associates from the CIA (Compassion in Action), DJ Meiraverse and DJ Serious Moonlight. Wow am I so grateful for them! We’re going back to Montana in March to meet up with our co-fellows of Compassion in Action. Can’t wait to report back on that experience.


Here’s a little zine I put together for the Pisces New Moon that might give you a simple understand of what Pisces Season/the new moon are about.

The Cards

8 of Swords

If you didn’t get a chance to read my piece about losing my tarot deck, basically, at the beginning of January, I lost my tarot deck in the snow, and have been collecting them as the snow melts and shifts around. On Sunday, the first day of Pisces season, I found the 8 of swords and figured this was the first sign being introduced to me, to us, this cycle.

Have you been feeling like the negative thoughts have been getting the best of you lately? You have a lot of fears and anxieties that you are internalizing. You are uncomfortable with these thoughts. Why?

Spend some time thinking about why these thoughts are getting to your head. The cycles are you going through again and again, are a part of your getting through and processing your karma. Have you learned how to let things go? Do you know where to go to when things get to be too much?

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, urging us to consider all that we have learned in the many cycles we experience in our lifetime. What is the bigger picture telling you? What are your dreams telling you?

6 of Cups

This is a time for INNER CHILD HEALING! Today is a snow day, spend some time doing something that you would do when you were a child. Revist your childhood TODAY. Revisit it whenever YOU WANT!

Allow yourself to feel the JOY the INNOCENCE and FREEDOM of being a little kid again. When you reflect on cycles (Pisces Season), what cycles do you feel joy? When do you feel like you can reclaim your child-like nature?

This card is also suggesting harmony in your relationships. You can do inner child healing alone, but you can also do them with others. Pisces New Moon is about healing relationships! YOU DESERVE TO FEEL SAFE AND LOVED IN ALL OF YOUR RELATIONSHIPS! CLAIM IT! Allow yourself to experience laughter and joy with others.

5 of Cups

This card is interesting to follow the 6 of cups. We lost a cup. We are always losing things. This is a part of the GREAT REBIRTH. We are going to be LOSING a lot in this cycle, in this lifetime.

A lot is going to disappoint you, and that might even happen during the process of inner child healing. You are going to feel pessimistic, lonely, and regretful. That is SO valid. It’s because you are still grieving. In fact, were all still grieving from a lot of things we lost during this pandemic, and just during our lifetimes.

The 5 of cups is also suggesting that maybe were spending TOO much time in our past, and that it’s time to let go. That inner child work, and revisiting the past is SO good for us. But it’s about BALANCE. A balance between our present day lives and the dreams/memories we want to visit. Pisces DEEPLY understands this balance and it’s quite emotional. Make space for yourself to be disappointed and sad too!

Whether you are grieving a lost loved one, a dying relationship, an opportunity of space and time, just know that you aren’t grieving alone. We’re all feeling it, whether you believe it or not.

Personal Story

This last week, I found out about my dad’s birth mother, my grandmother. He’s adopted and I got him an ancestry test so that he could explore his childhood (6 of cups!). In summary, so far, it’s been both an exciting and overwhelming experience of learning about our lineage. My grandmother Lorainne Gustafson, suffered through a lot of trauma. She was a resilient woman, that had to make some really difficult decisions. I am so grateful to know her name and see her face in photos. It pains me to know how much pain she went through in her lifetime and to also know that we lost the chance to ever meet, but that’s a part of life. I know deep in my heart that she would have wanted us to find out about her and reconnect with long lost family members, and process deeper with the family we alread have.

We are going to lose a lot. LETTING GO IS A PRACTICE! It’s all about finding the right people, your FAMILY to process with. You aren’t alone! I’m grieving this loss of time, space, and life. With myself, with my father, with my family, my friends. The dots might not ever be fully connected. But we’re processing what we lost together.

Wow. Pisces Season is really setting the tone for us to process A LOT. Pisces season is also a great time to channel these feelings and thoughts into creative and romantic endeavors. Make some art, do some writing, cook a romantic meal for yourself or others, build a snowman, play some music, FEED YOUR SOUL!

This post is dedicated to my dad, David, a 3/11 PISCES! He is so awesome and I owe a lot of my creativity to him. He named me after the song, Sara, Smile. My dad played a lot of Joni Mitchell for me as a baby, cooked me the best meals I ever had, and was there for me throughout all of my artistic and athletic accomplishments. I am so proud of him! I am really grateful that we are getting to learn more about our lineage.

With love,

Sara Gregor

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