What liberates you? What restricts you?

Rel1g1ous th0t is reading tarot for what is NOW.

As usual, the intentions behind my readings are to address any feelings or thoughts that have been running your mind this Tuesday/past week.

I’ve chosen to focus on the JUSTICE card tonight.

I want you all to think about liberation as a practice. A thing that anyone is capable of accessing.

Now that this is a collective reading, I would encourage you all to think about collective liberation and what that means for your community. What responsibilities do you have? When is it okay to break the rules…? What is unfair?


So.. 7 of WANDS. Justice is a battle. The 7 of wands is telling us that we are willing to do whatever it takes to fight for what we believe in. True. Justice is a battle over truth. Do you find yourself constantly having to prove yourself?

THE DEVIL. The devil is manifesting in your life. There are negative forces trying to manipulate and persuade you to the other side. The devil makes you feel restricted, and you maybe feel restricted in your options lately.

We are nearing a full harvest moon. Always a good opportunity to let go of unhealthy attachments…

ANDDDD sometimes you also have to be the bad guy to get what you want. In order for you to get the justice you deserve you may have to embrace the devil. To fight the devil you must become the devil to fight for what is right. Not everyone is going to like what you decide but this is for you and the justice you deserve.

10 of SWORDS. The fight for justice is painful. BECAUSE you are fighting the devil. People have betrayed you. You have lost parts of your old self. It’s time to let go and accept. A period of healing is up ahead.

5 of WANDS. More conflict ahead. Just because you dealt with the devil and know how to fight your battles, doesn’t mean it’s over. The next battle you are dealing with is diversity of opinion. Rather than being able to work towards a common goal, you are running up against constant opposition. It feels like no one is listening…

KNIGHT OF PENTACLES. The Knight of Pentacles represents responsibility and hard work. You may not work particularly quickly, but you are consistent, dedicated and committed to your goal. Keep one foot in front of the other. You have the right method.

KING OF CUPS reversed. The only reversed card of the night… King of Cups is compassionate, kind, and emotionally balanced. With a reverse pull, this is an indication that you are really focused on your own innermost feelings. And I believe this to be important in a battle for Justice. It’s that personal.

QUEEN OF PENTACLES. She is an ABUNDANCE creator. The Queen of Pentacles should be the one ruling the world. She is a nurturing leader. She always provides. I believe a lot of you reading this would agree with the leadership of the Queen of Pentacles. She wants to share the wealth! And she knows wealth doesn’t just mean money!

THE EMPRESS. Well if you were here for the first tarot Tuesday, I told the story of the empress. If you don’t know her, if you don’t know ME in fact, I’d suggest circling back to that piece. The Empress is restoring justice. She is so in touch with beauty, nature, and wisdom. And you should be too. This is the reign of the EMPRESS, so connect with your feminine energy. Create beauty in your life. Connect with your senses through taste, touch, sound, smell and sight. BEAUTY AND LOVE IS EVERYWHERE!

Hopefully this reading has you thinking about the justice you and your community deserve. It’s all about BALANCE.


-Rel1g1ous Th0t

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