COSMIC CYCLER - After the Cinema Review

October 5, 2019


Greetings folks, today I would like to extend a spotlight to an obscure vaporwave record I recently picked up called "After the Cinema" by COSMIC CYCLER. You can find this most easily on youtube in the Vapor Memory youtube channel much like the vast majority of obscurish vaporwave tracks.


"After the Cinema" is a great combination album. It does not fit one of the subgenres of vaporwave and it is very apparent to those who listen to a lot of the genre that COSMIC CYCLER must listen to a lot of music around the scene. This album includes elements from all over the scene both current and older. I can hear some of the early T.V. broken transmission stuff in the song "Late Night Radio" which makes the slow transition of the song have more effect. I can also hear the chords sampling that I hear a lot in earlier TOPAZ GANG and many other artist's music circa 2012. The voice sampling as well seems indicative of the time just before the Vapormeme phenomenon. But in some songs such as "Waiting For Your Call" other vocals come through less distorted. In multiple songs some of the older styles of sampling from the drums and the piano drone are apparent, but COSMIC CYCLER incorporates new sounds in addition to the old style to make it newer and more unique again. Taking some of the commonly used samples from songs from the late 80s with new distortions of some of those same songs using sounds previously discarded. On occasion you can hear some of the Future Funk guitar samples that are usually used for buildup to create a sorrowful feel or create a new harmony, which is a new use I had not heard before.


This Album in full is both innovative and non-innovative in the right ways. The only complaint I would give is that some of the transitions between songs are slightly abrupt but if reordered would work better. Overall a very smooth and clean experience to listen to. The synthesis between disparate parts of the songs works well in its transitions without much overwhelming walls of noise. Has a very predominant 80s new wave nostalgia feel, like watching an old 80s movie which I think is the intention. Recommend/10


TLDR: 80s Sampling Vaporwave Album both innovates and keeps old elements and brings them into the forefront. A good listening experience.

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