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Movies are more than what you see on screen. Every song you hear in a movie does unimaginable leg work in moving plot and portraying emotion. Join me, Sev, to deep dive into one fabulous soundtrack a show and talk about music’s place in movies.

10 thoughts on “Sev’s Super Sounds of the Movies with Severine Kaiser

  1. First episode slaps, I need to watch Saturday Night Fever ASAP. I was ENRAPTURED by Sev’s narration of Tony’s plight and character development. I can’t wait to find out what movie soundtrack is next!!

  2. Andy Grott’s dad here. I remember seeing big chill in the theater when it came out, I was in high school. I bought my sister the album soundtrack. Great memories. ! Hope you know the Kevin Costner trivia thing here.

  3. Andy’s dad weekly comment: Three dog night had like 22 top ten hits in their short original career , almost all were covers or written by old school songwriters, almost no originals, at least none of their well known songs.

  4. Hey Sev, I didn’t see Reservoir Dogs when it came out in the theater, because there was so much hype about how this was gonna be like the hippest and coolest thing ever, and when stuff gets that much pre-hype it ends up being a huge disappointment like 98% of the time, so I ddin’t go see it. So I saw it on VHS tape only after I saw Pulp Fiction in the theater. Great show as always.

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