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This is DJ Nice, eponymously named after my 1,000+ long playlist, which I listened to everyday for years on end. It was sort of like the soundtrack to my life and just had all sorts of songs and genres I enjoyed on shuffle. Clearly, music is very important to me and “I like all genres of music” (and 9 out of 10 times it’s true). However, lately I went through a big transition and started college! I found there were certain songs that were just particularly comforting to me for a variety of reasons (calming melodies, reminded me of home, etc.) Since then, I have created more playlists that fit more specific occasions and fit my mood, or sometimes even induce the mood I want to be in. My relationship to and view on music is that it’s about how it makes you feel! Sometimes that means the lyrics are really trash or that the sound is basic or too busy but it makes you feel something you enjoy nonetheless. If you like it and it makes you feel nice, then that’s music to my ears!

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