All Things Heavy with Firefly

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Timezone: CST [UTC-6]
12:00 am - 2:00 am
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About the Show

This will be a music-centered radio show. The central concept of the show is that I will play “heavy music,” which while being open-ended in terms of genre, means that I will mostly play metal and punk, but am able to play pretty much anything that tickles my fancy. The nebulous basis of the show means that I can focus part of a show on taking a deep dive into some sub-genre or other. I seek to highlight some more extreme music that might not otherwise see much if any radio play. Having the space of a two-hour show is nice when some of the metal that I want to play boast 10+ minute song length. My instinct is that it wouldn’t be enough to count as a show that deals with community issues, but I do make a point of trying to go to a lot of local concerts, and usually will play a song from one of the bands and talk about the shows that look interesting, so that’s kind of a local issue.

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